Final Destination… Borth

Final Destination… Borth
August 17, 2014 Jess

METwo weeks ago we set off on a 5 hour drive up to Borth in Wales. This holiday was not going to be like any ordinary holiday though, as the whole of my Dad’s side of the family were going, all my aunties, uncles, cousins, Nan and Grandad. In total there were 21 of us staying in 3 separate houses along the seafront.

When we arrived it was very dull, cold and overcast. The weather forecast for that week was horrendous. However everyday was absolutely gorgeous, we had glorious sunshine every single day of the week. We went in the sea each day, we had campfires in the evening whilst watching the sun set over the sea, we went kayaking in the sea and rode the waves, we walked along the sand dunes and had an unquestionably wonderful time.

Beautiful sunset along the seafront.

Just one of the beautiful sunsets along the seafront.

In one of the many pictures are some of my family; I would tell you who they all are but that would take forever. Sadly we never got a whole family photo as it was hard to get all of us in one place for longer than 2 seconds. I must admit that this holiday was one of the best family holidays I have even been on, I mean yer we all annoyed each other and got on each other’s nerves but I had a fantastic time and a right laugh. People sometimes ask if you were to pick your perfect family who would be in it. Well I honestly wouldn’t want to change any of my family members for anyone as they are all so unique and different no matter how much they might annoy me.
Just some of the Pickles family.

Just some of the Pickles family.

Me and my little brother, we practically look like twins!

Me and my little brother, we practically look like twins!

That’s it from me now, join me next time on 7th September for the latest update.

Much love, Jess

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