Happiness, Laughter, Joy

Happiness, Laughter, Joy
October 22, 2014 Jess

I’ve borrowed this idea from Gabrielle at The Green Gables (if you’re ever looking for amazing papery goodness and incredible customer service The Green Gables is the place to go!). Gabrielle wrote a blog thinking about 5 things which made her happy over the last week. I thought I’d join in and do the same. Happiness is a very odd thing and a very personal thing. Everyone has their own idea of happiness and what makes them happy. What makes me happy is going to be completely different to what makes you happy. That’s why happiness is so spectacular. So here are my five things which made me beam last week.

1) Some incredibly exciting news, that made me extremely happy is The Brewhouse Craft shop in Guildford are now stocking my cards, scented hearts and lavender birds! 

2) The second thing was going to Kew Gardens on Sunday and looking at all the gorgeous flowers and spending time with my family.

3) The third thing that has made me happy is spending time with friends, old and new. No matter where you are, what you’re doing friends are always there for you.

4) Making two nappy cakes which were a little different to the ones that we usually sell. One was for my Dads colleague, she asked me to make a three-tier nappy cake and I had never made one before but was up for the challenge. The other nappy cake was for Twins, half blue and half pink (read my next blog to find out more about these wonderful nappy cakes) Both nappy cakes went down a treat!

5) Lastly this odd autumn weather we’re having, the gorgeous red and amber leaves with the wonderful warm weather (although it seems the weather is going to be changing soon).


I would love to hear 5 things that have made you smile in the last week, just leave a comment below.

Much love,


Hiya I'm Jess, I'm the owner of JellyBabeGifts. I started JellyBabeGifts in 2011 when I was only 15 years old. Since then I have built up my business with the help of my Mum. We make nappy cakes, baby hampers, textile gifts and hand sewn cards. I also write blogs about things, local businesses and anything new that JellyBabeGifts has to share.


  1. Gabrielle 2 years ago

    I’m so pleased you’ve joined in with your five happy things! You’re so right that happiness is entirely specific to the person, no-one’s five things would be the same. Congrats on your new stockist, that is indeed something to be very smiley about 🙂

    • Author
      Jess 2 years ago

      It is such a great idea that I had to join in 🙂 Thank you very much!

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