Summer Must-Haves

Summer Must-Haves
July 8, 2015 Jess

There lots of new items out in the shops for the summer season. Here are a few items that I LOVE, and for me, are a definite must have!

Firstly the Ric Rac milk jug from Cath Kidston. It’s a lovely, bright, simple design and is decent price; it also doubles up as a wonderful vase. What more could you want? Cath Kidston also have a number of other china items including mugs, eggs cups and plates in this eye-catching design.

Cath Kidston Ric Rac vase

Secondly everyone needs a pair of brightly coloured earrings. These specific earrings which are pictured are made by a wonderful lady called Iona Mackenzie Laycock. I bought them from Guildford House Gallery craft shop for £14.00 a pair. They are so unique and completely different to anything else that you find on the high street. Each pair is made separately so that no two pair of earrings are alike. I bought the middle pair first as they’re gorgeous, I didn’t think that I would wear them a lot, but I do! They have so many different colours in them that they actually go with so many different outfits! If you wish to purchase a pair, leave a comment below and I can give you her details.

Earrings made by Iona Mackenzie Laycock

My next must have is Latte lip tint and Mint Julips from Lush. Latte Lip tint is long lasting, a great colour, it adds a little shimmer to your lips and smells amazing! Mint Julips is a lip scrub which leaves you lips luxuriously smooth and again it smells wonderful!

Latte lip tint and Mint Julips from LUSH

My next summer must have is some paper pom poms! I have a small obsession with these at the moment. 🙂 They look brilliant, they are cheap, easy to put together and can be used for some many things. I originally bought some as decorations for a garden party, they now get used as home décor where they hang on my wardrobe. Other people have used them for weddings, parties, shop displays and loads of other occasions. My favourite place to buy them from is PaperPoms, which is a business in London which is run by a lovely lady called Juliet. PaperPoms offers Pom Poms in several sizes and over a range of 64 different colours!


The last thing on my list is Hemsley Pineapple Punch Dress from Fat Face. Its my favourite thing to wear this summer! The style of the dress is lovely, it comes in at the chest then flows down which means it is very flattering and shows off all the right curves. 🙂 The straps have buttons on so you can adjust them if need be which is perfect as I’m only 5’3″. Also I LOVE the print! Fat Face also do this style dress in different prints. If you’re anything like me you’ll have the dress in all three prints.

Fat Fcae Pineapple Punch Dress

I would love to hear what your summer must haves are, or if you already have any of the products listed above, like always leave a comment below.

Much Love,


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